About our Projects

Event Management

Event Management is all about planning and organizing events. It includes things like choosing the right place, arranging transportation, food, and decorations, and making sure guests are taken care of.

  • - Prepare the venue and set up the event.
  • - Give instructions to all the staff involved.
  • - Practice the event before the actual day.
  • - Supervise the event operations and production.
  • - Manage the event day and address any risks.
  • - Wrap up the event by dismantling and storing everything.

Event Planning

Event planning is the process of organizing and managing various types of events. It involves selecting a suitable venue, coordinating logistics, arranging food and beverages, and ensuring the comfort of attendees.

  1. - Event Concept
  2. - Budget & Location
  3. - Event Schedule
  4. - Logistics
  5. - Sponsorship & Partnerships
  6. - Registration
  7. - Target Audience
  8. - Marketing & PR
  9. - Staffing
  10. - Venue & Service Providers
  11. - Operations
  12. - Post Event

Activation and sampling

Activation and sampling are marketing techniques used to introduce products or services to potential customers. Activation involves creating fun and exciting experiences or events that get people interested in a brand. It can include things like demonstrations, games, or interactive displays.

Sampling, on the other hand, means giving out free samples of a product so that people can try it for themselves. This helps create awareness and encourages people to try the product and hopefully buy it.

Both activation and sampling are ways to connect with customers, get them interested in a brand, and let them try out products before making a purchase. It's all about making the brand memorable and giving people a chance to see how great the product is.